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The Challenge

Palmerston North City Council were upgrading from eDocs 5.3 to Content Server.  This was a significant all of Council IT project and this was also an opportunity to have PNCC IT Staff and IM Staff collaboratively work together on meeting deadlines and deliverables.

This was a neat project for allfields, being back 5 years after we helped PNCC implement eDocs, transitioning from Shared drives.  It was wonderful to step back and see so many familiar faces.

What we did

  • Stepped in to provide the Change Management when the incumbent project manager vacated the position.
  • Developed the roadmap of change, based on the deployment order, we aligned this to the communications plan, getting the right comms to the right people at the right time.
  • Ran discovery sessions with staff using the old system to drive configuration for the new system.
  • allfields designed the entire training plan and delivery package.
  • Developed all the training material – print and e-learning.
  • Delivered training to all staff.
  • Utilised our advanced scheduling software to enrol staff into courses and provide real time accurate reporting to managers
  • Provided go live support, on the ground floor walking.


allfields successfully managed the transition of the Council's 500 staff to their Content Server.

  • Being an integral member of the project from an early stage created strong relationships with suppliers and the Council staff.
  • An effective change management and communications approach contributed to the success of this project. 
  • Staff were well informed throughout each phase of the implementation.
  • We trained all staff on the new EDRMS solution – making it easy for staff to better manage and collaborate on documents.
  • Go-Live user issues/questions were able to be dealt with on the spot by the allfields support team so staff – allowing the HelpDesk to work on any technical issues and BAU.
  • allfields experienced staff actively wanting to engage in developing a system that worked for them and key processes.
  • allfields were part of a hard working project team made up of Information Management and Information Technology staff, along with the vendor and ourselves.
  • The project came in on time with all the stakeholders very happy with the success.
  • PNCC are now well poised to take off with a modern ECMS platform that will only enable improved productivity through use of good technology.